How to Access a Candidate Review Session

About: The Candidate Review feature gives users the ability to schedule sessions with candidates in which they can re-enter their tests to review the questions and responses. This article will provide an overview of this feature from the candidate's perspective. For information on how to schedule a candidate review session, see the article How to Schedule a Candidate Review Session.

Step 1: Select language

Under the language options to take a test in a web browser, you will see the same options but to review a test. Select the relevant language from the available options. 

Step 2: Log in

You will then be taken to the 'Test Review' login screen. Enter the keycode and passcode, then select 'OK' to access the test and view responses.   

Remember: To access a candidate review session, you will need the candidate’s unique keycode (from the keycode slip), and the passcode that was automatically generated when the review session was scheduled.


Step 3: Review responses

The level of feedback the candidate is able to see will depend on the test setup, and what has been specified when the review session was scheduled. All candidates will be able to see the 'Question Summary' screen, showing which questions were marked correctly and incorrectly, and will be able to navigate back through the test to view their responses. 

Candidates may also be able to view general, and correct/incorrect feedback if this has been enabled (providing it has been set up during Item Authoring). They can also view a summary of feedback by learning outcome, if this option has been selected.

For some question types, the correct answer option will be highlighted green in the review session if the candidate did not answer correctly, so that they can view which answer option was correct. The question types that support this are: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Either/Or, Numerical Entry (Standard), Short Answer, and Hotspot. If marker annotations and comments have been added, and the setting has been applied during review scheduling, candidates will be able to view the marking notations applied, too.

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