Release 12.2 Minor Update (Feb 2016)

Our latest update includes resolutions to the below issues, organised below based on the areas of the system they affect.

Test Creation

ID: DE19538
Issue: When creating a test using the Test Wizard, the 'Requires User Details Confirmation' and 'Requires NDA Confirmation' tick boxes default to un-ticked, and must subsequently be edited manually in the 'Advanced Settings' tab of Test Creation.
Resolution: Both of these settings are selected by default.

Test Delivery

ID: DE19476
Issue: During exam delivery, images set to open as pop-ups do not open correctly in the pop-up window if the highlight option has been used on text on the page. In this scenario, the image can only be seen embedded within the page itself.
Resolution: Images set to open as pop-ups are now displayed as expected.


ID: DE19313
Issue: Candidate data populated using the Surpass API or SecureAssess service is not being translated to the customisable score report correctly, as the report is not recognising plain text and is expecting an image.
Resolution: Plain text data is displayed as expected.

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