About SurpassLocal

About Surpass, and SurpassLocal

Surpass is a complete solution for the creation, management and delivery of secure assessments. Surpass offers a number of delivery options, including tablet app, web browser, paper and our lock-down SecureClient application. In addition to the above, an additional tool, SurpassLocal, is available.

SurpassLocal allows organisations to use the SecureClient application to deliver tests via a Local Area Network at centres. Once SurpassLocal is installed onto the local server and activated, tests scheduled for delivery at that centre are automatically downloaded from Surpass to SurpassLocal. Candidates are then able to sit their tests still using the robust SecureClient solution as usual, but instead this connects directly to the local server rather than regularly communicating with the central service. The main benefit of this is that the performance of the central service is not affected by tests that are being delivered using SurpassLocal, this means that the solution offers the potential to deliver huge amounts of concurrent tests without impacting the candidate or user experience in the main Surpass solution. Test results are then uploaded to Surpass from the local server when it suits the local and central service rather than at the point of delivering the tests. 

About this Guide

This guide will give you the information you need to set up SurpassLocal at your centres. This guide contains information about installing, configuring and using the SurpassLocal system. It will also explain the set up that must be done in the Surpass CMS (Customer Management System) and in Surpass itself in order to successfully use SurpassLocal.

You will also find information about the minimum system requirements for the installation of SurpassLocal. For the SecureClient install requirements, please refer to your organisations ‘Launch Test’ homepage, or for the Surpass System Requirements, please refer to the Surpass Knowledge Base.

You should familiarise yourself with the information in this guide before using the relevant screens of Surpass CMS, or before installing SurpassLocal.

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