SurpassLocal - Setup - Automatic Deployment

This article will explain the process of bypassing the manual installation process so SurpassLocal can be installed without any authorisation emails being required, making it easier to deploy SurpassLocal to a large number of test delivery centres. This process would suit your organisation if you are controlling the installation of SurpassLocal at your test delivery centres rather than passing this onto the test delivery centres to install SurpassLocal. Should any issues arise during the deployment, please consult this article.

To begin the Automated Installation Process, you must first upload a CSV file to the Local management tab of CMS; this can be done by selecting "Upload New Deployments", attaching the CSV file, selecting the option for "Automatic Deployment" and assigning a hub. You will need to have admin access in CMS to perform this action. Please see this article for further information. The BTL Service Desk will be able to assist setting this up.

Once the CSV file has been uploaded to CMS, it will call Surpass to see if the centre references provided are valid and match in one of the Surpass instances on the assigned hub. If this and the information contained within this file passes all validation, the SurpassLocal deployments will be set up on CMS and will be available to view on the Local management tab in CMS.

CMS will then call every Surpass instance on the assigned hub setting each centre up as a local centre so it can deliver offline tests in the main Surpass application. If this fails, the entire process will be rolled back and the problem instance will be identified to the CMS user.

Once this is completed, CMS is now ready to be activated by SurpassLocal being installed on the local server. The next step is to silently roll out the SurpassLocal installer. This will install all the components needed for your SurpassLocal instance and if successful will return an exit code of 0. Further information about the silent command line parameters can be found in this article.

As part of the silent installation, SurpassLocal will have verified the deployment with CMS setting this to "Active". After receiving an error code of 0, your instance is active and SurpassLocal will begin synchronising test data. To check that your SurpassLocal deployment is active and installed, you can visit the SurpassLocal API help page or connection wizard from the local server, which should be accessible once an installation is complete. This will be available at the IIS address that was specified during installation.

SurpassLocal API: http[s]://[hostname/ip]:[port]/ 

Connection Wizard: http[s]://[hostname/ip]:[port]/ConnectionWizard 

For more information on synchronisation. Please see this article.

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