How to Include Non-scored Items in a Test

About: Non-scored items appear to a candidate in a test, but hold no marks. This may be useful, for example, for pre-test items. This article will explain how to insert non-scored items into a test using the Test Creation section of Surpass. 

About Non-scored Items

Non-scored items are presented to candidates and marked in the usual way, but the mark the candidate achieves for these items does not contribute to their overall result. Non-scored items may be included in a test for a number of reasons, for example for pre-testing an item.

Non-scored items can be designated as non-scored when creating fixed test forms in Test Creation, or items can be randomly selected from a pool of items to appear as non-scored items in a test form. For more information about the random selection of non-scored items, please see the article on 'How to Add Pre-Test Rules'.

Fixed Test Forms

Step 1: Select Items 

Begin creating your test form as normal using the 'Create Test Form' button in the 'Test Forms' screen and select your items for inclusion in the test. For more detailed information on creating a fixed test form, see the article How to Create a Fixed Test.

Step 2: Choose 'Non-scored'

To set an item as non-scored, find the item in your 'Selected Items' list and select the 'Non Scored' button at the bottom of the screen.

The 'Scored' column for that item will then display 'No'.  

Step 3: Validate your Test

Validate your test as normal. Any questions set to 'non-scored' will display the following icon in the 'Test Form Rules' tab:

Note: For a Test Form to be valid, it must contain at least one scored item, therefore, a Test Form containing only non-scored items cannot be created. 

For more information on Non-Scored Items, visit the following pages in the Surpass Help:

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