Using Combination Marking

About: This article will describe what combination marking is and how this can be applied to Multiple Response Questions in Surpass.

About Combination Marking

Combination Marking allows candidates to be awarded a specific number of marks based on the combination of answer options they select in a multiple response question. This type of marking could be used where certain combinations of answer options are seen as 'better' or 'more correct' than others, and are therefore worth more marks.

Assigning Combination Marks

Combination Marks can be used on Multiple Response questions to assign a certain number of marks to each possible answer combination.

To do this, select the 'Combination Mark' radio button in the marking step of Item Authoring.   


Once the 'Combination Mark' button has been selected, 'Mark' boxes will appear beside each of the answer combinations.

When the 'Combination Mark' option has been selected, you can then add the combinations and their assigned marks. In order to add another combination, select the '+' button above the combinations.   

Note: On switching back to Standard Marking, Item Authoring will automatically mark the answer combination with the highest mark assigned as the correct answer.

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