How to Customise Columns in Test Administration

About: This article will will explain how Site Administrators can customise the data columns in the 'Test Administration' screens of Surpass.

In Surpass, users with the Site Administrator permission are able to select which data columns are displayed in the 'Test Administration' screens and which of these can be printed. The order in which data columns are presented can also be customised by the user.

Note: Any changes you make here will affect all users within your organisation's instance of Surpass.

In order to customise columns, Site Admin users must go to the 'Site Settings' section and to the 'Customise Columns' tab.

Users will be presented with the screen below where they will be able to choose which columns are displayed and which order they are presented in. Some tabs will also give you the option to select whether or not a column is 'printable'.

To change the order in which the columns are displayed, users can drag and drop each of them, using the icon to the far right of the column name.

Once changes have been made, you can save these by selecting the 'Save Changes' button.

Users can select the 'Restore Default' button at any time which will revert the instance of Surpass back to the default layout settings.

For more information on customising columns, see the relevant Surpass Help page:

Customise Columns

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