Surpass Release 12.4 Information (June 2016)

This release of Surpass includes some exciting new features, including the ability to upload a scale score mapping and the option to add a shared resource. Further improvements to the delivery layout have also been made as well as enhancements to the Surpass API.

To find out more about the changes, read the 'New Features' section below. You will also find a summary of issues fixed in this release at the bottom of this article. You can visit the in-built Surpass Help and the Surpass Learning Portal to find out more.

New Features

Below you will find details of new and changed features that have been introduced in R12.4 of Surpass. The features are divided into sections based on the area of the system which they affect.  

Test Delivery: Improved Delivery Layout
Users now have the ability to ‘dock’ the delivery window to the left or right of the screen, so that candidates can easily work on a question and view a pop-up screen at the same time. To change the position of the delivery window, Site Administrators need to create a new Test Profile and from the 'Settings' tab choose their preferred engine position. They will then need to apply this test profile either in the Test Wizard from the Test Profile drop-down menu under the ‘Settings’ tab, or during Test Creation under the 'Style Profiles' tab.


Item Authoring: Adding a Shared Resource
When authoring an item, users are now able to import Shared Resources into the media library for use as source material. A Shared Resource is a file or files that are relevant for use across multiple items within a test. This is designed to lessen the impact on the performance of Surpass during delivery as the material will only download once. A Shared Resource must be added as a tool in Test Creation.


Test Creation: Upload a Scale Score Mapping
When editing Test Form Details, it is now possible for users to upload a scale score mapping from a .csv file. This means that a scale score can be mapped to the raw score candidates achieve for test forms, facilitating greater comparability between tests.

Test Creation: View Scale Score in Custom Score Report
Organisations who use Surpass alongside SurpassLocal are now able to view scale scores in the customisable score report.


Reporting: Scale Score
In the Tests Delivered screen, it is now possible to upload a scale score mapping to tests that have already been taken. This is designed to enable users to scale raw scores, rather than having to reallocate marks. Users can also edit existing scale scores, which have been previously added during test creation, from this screen.  


Integration: Updates to v2 of the Surpass API
There have been a number of updates to the Surpass API for Release 12.4, including:

  • Updates relating to tag groups:
    - The Surpass API now supports the ability to search and filter tag groups.
    - The API now also supports the ability to create, update and retrieve numeric tag groups, as well as text.

  • Enhancements to the results API:
    - A new attribute is available to denote if an item is non-scored.
    - A new attribute which displays the actual mark achieved (rather than 0-1) is now available.
    - A new attribute is available to denote the scale score received for a particular test form.
To find out more, please visit the Surpass API help page by navigating to [your Surpass URL]/api/v2. Further information can also be found on the Surpass Developer Portal.


SurpassLocal: Release 1.2
  • Updates have been made to the SurpassLocal API error codes:
    -  All SurpassLocal error messages have been assigned codes so that you can easily identify issues. 

Fixed Issues and Defects 

Below you will find details of issues that have been resolved in this release of Surpass. The issues are divided into sections based on the area of the system which they affect.

Item and Test Creation

ID: DE20417
Issue: In Item Authoring, when opening items which contain duplicate tags (such as units and learning outcomes) the user is presented with the error message 'An error occurred while processing your request'.
Resolution: Users can now open items with duplicate tags.

ID: DE20538
Issue: In packaged tests, the question text does not appear for items where the font used is not the default font.
Resolution: Items now display correctly.   

ID: DE20690
Issue: When attempting to package a test with the language set to US English an error occurs.
Resolution: Users can now package tests set to US English.

ID: DE16487
Issue: When using SCORM packages, version 1.2 SCORM files aren't passing candidates' scores back to the SCORM player. This means that the overall score was not being presented.
Resolution: The overall score is now being returned for version 1.2 SCORM files.

ID: DE20205
Issue: When creating Drag-and-Drop questions, the drop zone titles are limited to 28 characters and do not display correctly on delivery.
Resolution: The character limit has been increased to 100 and longer drop zone titles will now display over 2 lines.

Test Administration

ID: DE20489
Issue: When using the 'Submit Test' button in Test Administration, the message that appeared was incorrectly translated for Dutch users.
Resolution: The message with the new translation is now shown.

ID: DE20428
Issue: Users are unable to filter by Test Name under the Invigilation Tab, a database error message was produced.
Resolution: Users can now filter by Test Name.

ID: DE20573
Issue: Users were encountering an 'Operation has timed out' error when uploading OMR results via CSV for files with over 100 rows.
Resolution: When uploading a file with more than 100 rows, users will now receive the error ‘Line 108: The uploaded file exceeded the maximum of 100 exams that can be uploaded per CSV’.


ID: DE20702
Issue: In the Raw Extract Data of the Items Delivered Report, the Key column is blank for some items.
Resolution: The Key column will now display all correct answers.

Site Settings

ID: DE20775
Issue: When customising columns under Site Settings, if ‘Tags’ is ticked for Invigilate and then you go the 'Invigilate' tab, this doesn't show the column despite being set up.
Resolution: This column now appears when ticked.

Candidate Delivery

ID: DE20628
Issue: In SecureClient, the question box does not resize for questions over more than one line, meaning there is a scroll bar.
Resolution: The question box will now resize during delivery, rather than require scrolling.

Note: This article was updated on 07/06/2016.

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