How to Package a Test Form

 About: This guide will demonstrate how to package a test form in Surpass. A packaged test form is a zip file containing all materials related to the test and it allows the user to run through the test and view it as the candidate would, or for quality review purposes and to view candidate responses. More information on this can be found in the Test Creation section of the Surpass help.

Packaging in Test Creation

Step 1: Create your test form
In the 'Test Forms' tab in 'Test Creation', select 'Create Test Form'. Follow through the steps to create your new test form. Click here and here to learn about creating test forms.

Step 2: Choose how you want your test to be packaged
Once your test form has been created, select it in the table and then click the 'Package Test Form' button. A wizard will appear asking you to choose a package format from a drop-down list. You can choose from 'Stand-alone', 'SCORM 1.2' and 'SCORM 2004'. Once selected, please wait while Surpass creates the package for you.

Note: The File Attach question type cannot be used within packaged tests.

Step 3: Download your packaged test form
Once your packaged test form has been created the wizard will prompt you to download it. Click 'Download' and then specify where you would like it be saved. The form will be saved as a .ZIP file.

Step 4: Opening a packaged test
To open a packaged test, extract all the files from the .ZIP folder and then open the 'index.html' file. 
You may need to enable Flash for this to be successful. For more information about this, please see the article 'How to Enable Flash'.

Note: The results of a packaged test are not stored or submitted.

Packaging Candidate Responses

You are also able to package a candidate's test in the 'Moderate' and 'Audit' tabs in the 'Test Administration' screen. This packaged test will include all their questions and responses for distribution, for example, to the candidate themselves. Simply follow the above steps to create these packaged tests, or consult the Moderate page under the Test Administration section in the Help.

Note: Packaged tests created in 'Test Administration' are stand-alone and presented in a read only format.

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