How to Upload a Scale Score Mapping

About: This guide will demonstrate how to upload a Scale Score Mapping to a fixed test form in Surpass (users are unable to apply a scaled score to a dynamic test). Applying a scale score to a test enables results to be reported consistently from one year to the next and from one test form to another, so the score a candidate achieves maintains meaning over time.

Step 1: Create/Edit your Test Form

To add a scale score mapping, navigate to the 'Test Forms' tab in 'Test Creation' and then create a new test form or edit an existing one to add your mapping rules.

Note: You cannot apply a scale score mapping to test forms that have been taken prior to scale score mapping being introduced to Surpass.

Step 2: Upload a .CSV file

To add a scale score mapping file, go to the 'Test Form Details' tab and select the 'Scale Score Uploader' button.
You can choose to upload a scale score mapping file based on a raw score or IRT score using the radio buttons.
Upload a CSV file detailing the mapping between raw scores and scaled scores for the test form. You can download a sample CSV from the 'Scale Score Uploader' window if you need to.

Step 3: Check the Scale Score attributes

To ensure the CSV file uploads and applies successfully, ensure that: 
  • each raw score has an equivalent mapped score
  • the maximum raw score is equal to the total number of marks for the test the scale score is greater than or equal to the previous one (i.e. if a raw score of '2' has a scaled score of '6', then a raw score of '3' cannot have a scaled score of '5').
  • the scaled score does not contain more than 4 decimal places.
  • there is scaled score for a raw score of '0'.

When all of these have been checked select 'OK'. 
Once the CSV file has been uploaded, you can edit the scale scores in the uploader window by double clicking in the cells.
You can return to edit or remove this scale score mapping at any time by clicking Scale Score Uploader in the Test Form Details tab.

Note: If the total number of marks for a test form is edited after a scale score mapping has been uploaded, the test form will become invalid.

You can also apply a Scale Score Mapping from the Reporting section of Surpass. See the How to guide here.

For more information on Scale Score see the Test Creation section of the Help.

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