Surpass Release 12.5 Information (August 2016)

The Summer 2016 release of Surpass includes Rescoring, the Spreadsheet question type, Candidate Comments, and a redesign of the homepage.

To find out more about the changes, read the 'New Features' section below. You can also find a list of changes to our minimum system requirements and a summary of issues fixed in this release at the bottom of this article. You can also visit the Surpass Help and the Surpass Learning Portal to find out more about these exciting new features.

New Features

Below you will find details of new and changed features that have been introduced in R12.5 of Surpass. The features are divided into sections based on the area of the system which they affect.  

Test Delivery: Launch Test Page Update
On the Launch Test page, there are now instructions explaining how to set the language of the Keycode and Confirm Details screens via a command line parameter. 

Test Delivery: Candidate Comments
Candidates may now leave comments against items within certain tests, to help provide feedback to the item authors. This option can be applied in Test Creation and is shown in Reporting.

*Test Delivery: Support for French
Users can now select French as a delivery language for a test. You can now create a test with French set as the default language for navigation, this can be enabled during test creation or during scheduling.


Item Authoring: Spreadsheet Question Type
Item Authors now have the option to include the Spreadsheet Question Type into their tests. This allows candidates to either fill in a pre-populated spreadsheet, or to complete one of their own.

Item Authoring: QTI Improvements
There have been significant improvements to the QTI import. In particular, the task report, which is produced when the QTI import fails, now contains more detailed breakdowns of the type of error and why it failed to upload.

Item Authoring: HTML Preview
Item Authors now have the ability to preview Introduction, Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Either/Or, and Finish pages in HTML mode.

** Item Authoring: New Media Layout Options
In addition to the 4 existing media layout options, Item Authors can now choose to position media to the left of answer options or above the question text.


Test Creation: Candidate Breaks
Test Creators now have the option to apply candidate breaks to test forms. This allows candidates to take breaks during tests, and is especially useful for longer exams. There are two break styles available: either scheduled or unscheduled. Test creators choose when scheduled breaks occur and they begin automatically at the end of a section. Unscheduled breaks allow candidates to choose when they take breaks during tests. 

Test Creation: Support for Paper-based Test generation
Users can now import paper-based items from ContentProducer into Surpass 12. This allows for more sophisticated paper-based items to be used in tests within Surpass 12.

Test Creation: Ability to Search for Tools
Users can now use a search bar to find Tools when creating tests. Users will no longer have to manually search for tools through the expanding folder structure, cutting down on the time it takes to create tests.

*Test Creation: Enhanced Support for Non-Scored Items
Users are now able to select non-scored items for inclusion in a dynamic test, or section of a test. This can be achieved by creating your parameters to bring back your chosen items, and selecting the ‘NonScored’ checkbox in the Dynamic Section window.  


Test Administration: Candidate Review Improvements
Surpass users can now choose whether marker comments and annotations are visible to candidates during candidate review sessions. During the review session, the candidate is now able to select the 'View Annotations' and 'View Marker Comments' buttons in order to learn about their test performance.


Reporting: Rescoring
It is now possible for users to rescore items at a test form level in the Rescoring section of Reporting. Rescoring contains four functionalities - Change Answer, Award Full Marks, Remove Item and Revert Item. In Rescoring, users can award marks to alternative answer options, change the marks allocated to answers, add new and remove invalid combinations of answer options from Multiple Response items, as well as award full marks to items and remove the scoring of an item from the test form. This new section is particularly useful for reducing and eliminating the effects of incorrect and invalid answer options and items. 


Setup and Site Admin: My Profile

Users now have the ability to edit their user account information through the 'My Profile' screen. Here they are able to edit the first and last name, email address, job title, and default language.

Setup and Site Admin: Disable Editing of Candidates Created through Integration
Candidates that have been created via integration can now be sent with an 'IsExternal' flag that is shown in the Surpass UI and prevents users from editing candidate data. Users will have a view-only access to candidates that have the 'IsExternal' flag set to yes. This prevents Surpass and the external system from having conflicting candidate data.

Setup and Site Admin: Restructure of Site Settings
The Site Settings section of Surpass has been redesigned for better usability. There is now a general Site Settings tab that contains the Single Sign On and CRM Adapter Settings, along with new settings. The new settings include the ability to manage the visibility of the UserVoice buttons, have further control over test settings, enable support for paper-based items created in ContentProducer, and control whether users can view the Beta functionality in Surpass.

Integration: Updates to v2 of the Surpass API
There have been a number of updates to the Surpass API for Release 12.5, including:

  • The Item Resource has been updated with two additional attributes: ItemVersion and publishId
  • All GET methods have been updated to use '/' when a resource is being filtered in the query string. '.' will still be supported.
  • An error message now occurs when "requireinvigilation:false" is sent to the Surpass API and the test was set up to require invigilation.
  • GET Candidate - we now support the ability to filter this resource on the operator "eq" for reference, first name, last name, email and tel.
  • We have updated the maximum lengths allowed for string values in the Surpass API.
  • We have added the following resources to the Surpass API:
    - AnalyticsResult
    - HistoricalResult
    - RescoringRules
    - ScaleScoreMapping
  • The Result Resource has been updated to include the ItemComment property. This provides the ability for a system to extract item level comments from Surpass.
  • The Result, Analytical and Historical Result Resources have been updated with the following properties at test and section level:
    - passMarkType - This identifies if the test was set up in Test Creation to be marked via percentage or mark.
    - percentageMark - The percentage a candidate has received for a test on a section or test.
    - passPercentage - The pass mark as a percentage value.
  • ULN has been added to the Candidate GET and POST methods. This will only be available if the site level setting for ULN is turned on.
  • There is now the ability to stop multiple day scheduling in Site Settings. The validation for the POST test schedule method in the Surpass API has been updated to provide an error if a request tries to schedule multiple day tests and this configuration value is enabled.
  • In this release of Surpass there is a site level setting to allow purchase orders to be specified at the point of scheduling. The POST Test Schedule method has been updates to accept this value via the API.
  • The 'isExternal' flag has been added to the POST and PUT Candidate methods. If this flag is set via the API, the candidate will not be available for editing in the user interface.

To find out more, please visit the Surpass API help page by navigating to [your Surpass URL]/api/v2. Further information can also be found on the Surpass Developer Portal.

Usability Enhancements

Release 12.5 of Surpass offers a number of exciting enhancements made to improve usability. Updates include:
  • Redesign of the 'Associated Centres and Subjects' screen to improve clarity.
  • The redesign of the Surpass Homepage allows users with Site Administrator permissions to add text to relay information to other users, additionally they have the option to change the branding and colour of the homepage.
  • Addition of settings cog on Numeric question to improve appearance.
  • Source material tooltip improvements.
  • Test Wizard navigation enhancements.
  • 'Create New Subject' improvements.
Changes to Surpass System Requirements

The following updates have been made to the Surpass system requirements. Surpass now supports:
  • Adobe Flash Player 18 to
  • Windows 10 (32bit or 64bit)

Fixed Issues and Defects

Below you will find details of issues that have been resolved in this release of Surpass. The issues are divided into sections based on the area of the system which they affect.

Item and Test Creation

ID: DE19861
Issue: When a Test Form contains dynamic rules and is set to 'untimed', this changes to 'timed' when generating and saving items as new tests in the 'Test Form Preview' screen in Test Creation. 
Resolution: Test form timings are correctly carried over when saving items as new tests in the 'Test Form Preview' screen in Test Creation.  

ID: DE20130
Issue: When using the border functionality in the Table question type, if you set cells without a border and the remaining cells with borders, borders still show for all cells in 'Preview' mode.
Resolution: Border functionality now works correctly in the Table question type.

ID: DE20859
Issue: Certain items are not passing validation within the Test Wizard due to tools not being added correctly.
Resolution: The wizard now automatically adds the tools and the item will pass validation.

ID: DE21006
Issue: When authoring a numerical entry question and using commas as separators, the tool tip next to the drop down in Step 2 reads 'You are currently using decimals as separators' despite commas having been selected.
Resolution: The tool tip now correctly displays which number separators are being used.

Test Administration        

ID: DE19642
Issue: The Dutch translation of the 'Moderation' tab button is incorrect.
Resolution: The 'Moderation' screen button is now correctly translated.

*ID: DE21835
Issue: When scheduling tests via the API, any extra time that is scheduled for candidates with reasonable adjustments enabled is not added to the test.
Resolution: Extra time for candidates with reasonable adjustments enabled is now scheduled accordingly when using the API scheduling method.

*ID: DE21930
Issue: When scheduling a test via the API, the delivery engine language that has been set in the Test Creation screens is not taken into account and the default language is being used. Resolution: Tests scheduled via the API are delivered in the language defined during test creation.

ID: DE21203
Issue: Once a test is warehoused and in the 'Audit' screen, the centreName displays incorrectly.
Resolution: The centreName appears correctly in the 'Audit' screen when it has been warehoused. 

*ID: DE21882
Issue: When marking the Spreadsheet question type, markers are unable to add annotations to certain rows of the spreadsheet.
Resolution: Users are able to add annotations to any cell when marking the Spreadsheet question type.

*ID: DE21883
Issue: When opening a Spreadsheet question in marking, there is no horizontal scrollbar to enable markers to view responses that have been entered past column K.
Resolution: Users can scroll across to view all candidate responses in the ‘Mark’ screen for the spreadsheet question type.   

Test Delivery

ID: DE20672
Issue: An error message occurs in some instances when installing updates to SecureClient.
Resolution: SecureClient installs correctly.

ID: DE21270
Issue: When a candidate loads up an exam and is on the 'NDA Confirmation' screen, in some instances the scroll bar does not go to the bottom of the screen and the checkboxes remain greyed out.
Resolution: The scrollbar scrolls to the bottom of the screen so that the checkboxes appear and can be selected by the candidate.

**ID: DE22090
Issue: In SecureClient, when opening a PDF which has been added as a piece of source material, an error sometimes occurs.
Resolution: All PDFs can be opened in SecureClient without any issues.

* Items marked with an asterisk were introduced as part of the 12.5 minor update on 26/08/2016.

 ** Items marked with a double asterisk were introduced as part of the 12.5 minor update on 21/09/2016  


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