Scale Score Mapping Resources

Within Surpass users can create test forms with scale scores attached. In Test creation users can upload a CSV which maps the raw score of marks available for a test to a new scale score mark, when this is delivered to the candidate and they receive their results they can be provided the scale score rather than the raw score for the test. A reason for this may be for an organisation to scale and standardise tests based  that some tests do not have difficult items in the test so have to be scaled down from more advanced papers. We also allow users to edit scale score mappings in reporting therefore potentially changing the scale score a candidate has achieved. 

As part of the Result, AnalyticsResult and HistoricalResult API resources the response informs the consumer of the scale score achieved by the candidate (if it has been applied) and a URL to the full scale score mapping that was applied to the result. Within the Surpass API we have the concept of two separate resources, scale score mapping and analytics scale score mapping. Both resources provide the same purpose but query different Surpass databases, AnalyticsScaleScoreMapping relates to the scale score provided in the AnalyticsResult and HistorcialResult resources and ScaleScoreMapping relates to the Result resource. 

Request URL 

Below we have listed the operations, HTTP verbs and an example URL for the scale score mapping resources within the Surpass API. 

Operation HTTP Verb Example URL
Read (Individual) GET

Properties for the scale score mapping resources 

Within the table below we have provided all of the attributes included in the scale score mapping resources. This includes the property name, data type and description.

Property Name Type Description
id int The unique id of the scale score mapping in the relevant database
href string The URL to get the scale score mapping that has been applied to a number of results.
mappings collection A collection of all of the raw score values mapped to the scale score.
mappings / rawScore int The raw score that could be achieved
mappings / scaleScore int The scale score that has been mapped to the raw score.
GET Request and Return 

The GET ScaleScoreMapping resource can be called directly by browsing to the URL. Below we have provided examples of JSON and XML responses that would be returned from the Surpass API when requesting the GET method for the ScaleScoreMapping resource. It is important to remember that the return information will be included within the response object that forms part of the standard GET response; this is detailed in the page Using the Surpass API.

Example GET request & response (JSON)

Example GET request & response (XML)

Required Permissions 

To successfully call the GET ScaleScoreMapping method, the user specified in the header of the request must have the 'View Reports' permission in Surpass at a site level.  

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