How to Create Scheduled Candidate Breaks with Fixed Time

About: This guide will demonstrate how to create tests with scheduled fixed time candidate breaks. You can find more information in the 'Test Form Rules' section of the Surpass Help.
For an overview of the Candidate Breaks functionality, read this article.

Scheduled candidate breaks occur at the end of sections and can either be set to fixed time or pooled time. If you would like to learn about scheduled pooled time candidate breaks, read the article 'How to Create Scheduled Pooled Time Candidate Breaks. 

Creating fixed time breaks enables you to provide a set a specific duration on a per break basis. 

Step 1: Create a Timed Sections Test Form
In the 'Test Form Rules' tab of Edit Test Form, create a test form containing at least 2 timed sections. To do this, create your desired number of sections and add test items to the sections. Once you have done this, in the 'Duration' section, select the 'Timed Sections' Timing setting. 

Step 2: Enable Candidate Breaks
Once you have created a test form with timed sections, the Candidate Breaks section of Test Form Rules becomes available. Select the 'Add Breaks' tickbox to enable the further settings in this section.

Step 3: Choose the Scheduled Fixed Time Break Settings
In the Break Style dropdown menu, select 'Scheduled Break' and in the Break Type menu beneath it select 'Fixed Time'.

Step 4: Edit Section Properties
Highlight the section you would like a break to occur after and select 'Edit'. Make sure that you have set a section duration. To ensure a break is applied to the section, select the 'Enable Break After Section' tickbox. Next, apply the length of time, in minutes, you would like the break to be. Finally, decide whether you want the candidate to be able to cancel the break or not. If you want candidates to be able to cancel the break and resume the test, ensure you have the 'Cancellable' tickbox selected. Repeat this step for each section you would like a break to occur after. 

Note:The final section of a test cannot contain a scheduled break.

  For more information, read the other articles about candidate breaks.  

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