How to Change Answers to Multiple Choice and Multiple Response Questions in Rescoring

About: This guide will explain how users can change answers to Multiple Choice and Multiple Response question types in the Rescoring screens of Surpass. Rescoring is a feature that enables users to eliminate the effects a bad item may have on the candidate's score. Rescoring works at a test form level. Changing answers to these item types means that candidates who may have answered incorrectly according to how the item was created in Item Authoring will now gain marks they may have missed.

The 'Change Answer' function allows users change answer options marked as correct, add marks to other options, change the weighting of marks, and add new combinations.

Step 1: Access the Rescoring Event
Navigate to the Rescoring screen in Reporting. In the first screen you see there will be a table with the existing events that have been created. You can either open an existing event from this screen or create a new one, if needed, by using the drop-down menus along the top of the screen.

Once you have found or created the Rescoring event you would like to edit, click Open on the far-right of the screen. This will then take you to the Edit Mode.

Multiple Choice Question

Step 2a: Changing an Answer to a Multiple Choice Question
In the Edit Mode, select the multiple choice question you wish to change answers for from the Items Delivered table, then select the 'Change Answer' button.

This will then open the Change Answer window, in here you will see the question laid out similarly to the screens in Item Authoring. You will see the question text and answer options with the original mark, plus a column where you can input new marks next to the existing options.

In the New Mark column place your new mark next to the option. You can switch from standard to weighted marking by placing different marks in different boxes. So for example Option A could be worth 2 marks and Option C worth 1 mark. Unless a mark of 0 is placed next to the original 'correct' answer then it will still retain its original mark.

Note: You are unable to exceed the original Total Mark for the item. If you have an option with a mark greater than the original Total Mark, an error message will appear in the dialog when trying to save.

You can also add a mark in the Score Unattempted box to award marks to candidates who did not answer the question.

Once you are happy with the changes you've made select 'Save'.

Multiple Response Question

Step 2b: Changing Answers for a Multiple Response Question
In the Edit Mode, select the multiple response question you wish to change answers for from Items Delivered table, then select the 'Change Answer' button.

When the Change Answer window opens you will see the question and the original answer options showing those which were marked correctly, and on the right-hand side a box where you can add new and edit existing combinations.

To add a new combination select the '+' button in the perforated box. Then under the combination you can add your answer options, add new options by selecting the small '+' button next to the option boxes. Once you're happy with a combination, assign it a mark.

To remove an answer from a combination select the 'x' in the answer option box. To remove a combination, select the 'x' to the right of the marks box. If you're removing the original combinations then at least one combination must equal the original Total Mark for the question.

To switch to standard marking, include only one combination with all the correct answer options and ensure the mark assigned is equal to the Total Marks.

Once you are happy with the changes, select 'Save'.

Step 3: Apply your changes to the Test Form
In order for the edits you've made to take effect, they need to be saved overall in the Edit Mode. You must first select 'Preview Changes' and once the changes have been previewed, the 'Save Changes' button will become available.

Depending on the amount of changes made during the edit, it may take a while for the system to process them. You can leave the Rescoring screen while the changes are being processed and return to it later. 

Note: If you are unhappy with the edits that have been made, the item can be reverted back to its original state by selecting the 'Revert Item' button in the Edit Mode

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