An Introduction to Rescoring

About: This article offers a brief overview of the Rescoring functionality in the Reporting screens of Surpass.

The Rescoring functionality in Reporting allows users to eliminate the effects of bad or inaccurate items on the candidate's score for a particular test form. Items are edited in a Rescoring 'event', created by selecting a test form between a valid range of dates.

Once you have created a Rescoring event and have begun editing, items for this test form between these dates will be affected. All Rescoring edits will affect the data Reporting screens.

Rescoring offers 5 main functionalities at the item level - the ability to change answers, award full marks, add an item score, remove an item score, and revert all changes made.

Change Answers
The change answer function is available for the Multiple Choice, Multiple Response and Either/Or item types. For Either/Or and Multiple Choice items you can edit the marks assigned to answer options thus, awarding new marks to alternative options.

With Multiple Response questions you are able to edit marks for combinations, as well as edit combinations themselves. You can remove answer options from existing combinations, add whole new combinations and remove existing ones.

The marking type for Multiple Choice and Multiple Response question types can be switched from Standard to Weighted and Standard to Combination, respectively.

For more detail on Changing Answers in Rescoring, click here.

Award Full Marks
Rescoring allows users to award full marks to candidates for a particular item, as long as it has been set to be computer-marked. It is possible to award full marks to every candidate, including those who didn't attempt the item.

For more detail on Awarding Full Marks in Rescoring, click here.

Adding an Item Score
It is possible to add the score to an item, when it was previously marked as non-scored in the Test Form during Test Creation. You are only able to add the score that was assigned to the item during Item Authoring. Adding item scores will affect the overall total marks for a test, the scale score (if applied) and the grade boundaries. You will need to update the Scoring Data to reflect the changes made by adding an item score.

For more detail on Adding an Item Score in Rescoring, click here.

Remove an Item Score
It is possible to remove the score from an item in a test form, transforming it from a scored to non-scored item. This will affect the overall total marks for a test and the grade boundaries. If a scale score has been applied to the test form it will need to be edited in Scoring Data to accurately reflect the changes made by removing the item score.

For more detail on Removing an Item Score in Rescoring, click here.

Reverting an Item
Any changes that have been made by using the above functions can be reverted. This function will take the item back to its original state, all edits that have been made will be erased.

Scoring Data
In Rescoring, you have the ability to view and edit the scale scores, grade boundaries and learning outcome boundaries for a test form in the Scoring Data panel. This is accessed by selecting 'Edit' under the Scoring Data column in the Test Forms table. Editing the scoring data is important when you have made significant edits to your test during rescoring or simply want to apply a scale score.

While grade boundaries for a test form can by edited here, you still have to work with the individual grade bounds, which you are unable to remove. You are only able to edit the marks against achieving every individual grade. Read more on editing Grade Boundaries in Rescoring here.

You can also view and edit any Learning Outcome Boundaries that have been applied to a test form. You will be able to edit the boundary as well as remove and add others. If the test form did not have Learning Outcome Boundaries applied you are able to apply them here also, as long as you have items in your test with Learning Outcomes assigned to them. You can read more about the implications of Learning Outcome Boundaries here.

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