How to Customise Surpass

About: There are a number of ways in which you can customise Surpass to reflect your own organisation's preferences and branding. This article provides an overview of the different functions you are able to use to configure your Surpass instance.

Remember: Only users with the correct permissions will have access to the relevant screens necessary to customise Surpass.


The Homepage contains a banner, a headline and a body of text all of which are customisable. You can edit this page to relay important information to other Surpass users. For more detail, see the article on How to Edit the Surpass Homepage.

Site Settings

From the 'Site Settings' tab on the 'Site Settings' menu you can undertake the following actions:

- Choose to show or hide the UserVoice, Knowledge Base and Ideas Portal buttons on the Homepage
- Choose to show or hide Beta functionality in Surpass
- Enable the use of a Single Sign-On
- Enable the controlling of the candidate selection process via internal systems using the API
- Enable/disable test scheduling over multiple days
- Select whether a Purchase Order Number is required for scheduling
- Choose whether to display Unique Learner Number (ULN)
- Decide the maximum number of days in advance that a test can be scheduled
- Set the Learning Outcome Threshold, read more on this here 
- Enable support for ContentProducer Paper Production
- Enable support for integration
- Alter some item level settings in 'Item Authoring', such as tags and enemy relationships
- Enable the use of a 3rd party media repository
- Edit workflow statuses
- Customise the appearance of items in HTML delivery by uploading a custom CSS file
- Enable the automatic selection of the Fixed Pass Grade and Pseudo-guessing Chance Grading Scale parameters in the Tests Delivered page of Reporting.

From the 'Site Settings' menu, you can access the 'Branding' tab, whereby you can update the image on the login page and apply branding to the Surpass homepage and more. For more detail on this, see the article on System Branding: Customising Surpass Screens.

Customise Columns
From this screen, you can also access the 'Customise Columns' tab, where you can customise the visibility and order of the data columns in the Test Administration screens of Surpass. For more information on how this works, see the article on How to Customise Columns.

Regional Settings
On this screen you have the ability to specify the number separator format for number entry question types, for more information view the Regional Settings article. 

Test Profiles

A Test Profile can be created and applied to a test in order to customise the branding of the delivery engine. This option is found in the Test Creation screens. See the article on How to Create a Test Profile for more information.

Language Settings

Users are able to control the language which Surpass is presented to them in. To see how to do this, view the article Changing the Default Language Setting.

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