How to Enable Candidate Comments

About: If enabled during test creation, candidates are able to comment on items during delivery to offer feedback on any problems they had in answering a question. This guide will demonstrate how to enable item comments.

Step 1: Create/Edit Your Test Form
Go to Test Creation, then to the 'Test Forms' tab. Search for the Test Form you wish to enable item comments for, select 'Edit Test Form'.

Alternatively, create a new test form by clicking 'Create Test Form'. Click here to learn more about creating a test form.

Step 2: Edit the Test Settings to Enable Item Comments
Once you've entered the 'Edit Test Form' window, go to the 'Test Form Details' tab in the window. To enable item comments, select the 'Allow Item Comments' checkbox under the 'Test Feedback' section.

Step 3: Save your changes
Once happy with your edited settings, click OK to save and the next time your test is scheduled candidates will be able to comment on items during delivery.

For information on how candidates can add comments to items during delivery, see the article The Candidate Experience.

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