Candidate Breaks Overview

About: This article will provide a brief overview of the candidate breaks functionality, and will direct you to articles showing you how to set up breaks.

Candidate breaks provide test takers with a break during an exam. During a break, the test timer will be paused and the candidate will not be able to access the test again until they exit their break. They can exit the break by either resuming the test, or by the break time elapsing, depending on how the breaks have been applied in Test Creation.

Breaks can either be scheduled or unscheduled.

Scheduled Breaks

A scheduled break occurs at the end of a section. Test Creators define which sections breaks occur after. Scheduled breaks can either be set with a fixed time, or pooled time break type. Fixed time is where the candidate is able to take a break for a specific duration. Pooled time is where there are multiple breaks in the test and there is a set total break time. Therefore, the candidate can choose how much of their total break allowance they use across the various breaks. Scheduled breaks will be indicated by a coffee cup icon in the sections tabs during delivery.

To learn how to set up scheduled breaks, please read the following articles:

How to Create Scheduled Candidate Breaks with Fixed Time
How to Create Scheduled Candidate Breaks with Pooled Time

Unscheduled Breaks

An unscheduled break is one where the test creator does not define when the candidate takes their break. The candidate instead is able to take breaks when they choose during the test. The test creator is able to set a maximum duration for breaks, and set limits as to how many breaks can be taken per section. Unscheduled breaks will by indicated by a coffee cup button at the bottom of the delivery window.

Note: You can only set unscheduled breaks via the API.

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