1. Provide a report of candidates' responses.  ·  Declined

  2. Be able to configure the vertical height of an essay question response area  ·  Gathering Votes

  3. In the marking screen to position annotations next to the relevant part of the candidates response  ·  Completed

  4. Subject Users being able to view candidate responses  ·  Gathering Votes

  5. Display Word Count to candidates on Essay Response questions  ·  Declined

  6. Defining Data Archiving Rules  ·  Declined

  7. Add multiple response question types to the 'download printable test' function  ·  Completed

  8. Learning outcome and meta data import with targets  ·  Completed

  9. Only Show Subjects with Reporting data in Reporting dropdowns  ·  Gathering Votes

  10. Display ‘void’ in the grade column for the Raw Data Extract  ·  Completed

  11. Reporting tabs should tell user how long to wait before the data is available  ·  Declined

  12. Include item type in Raw Data Extract  ·  Completed

  13. Graph Creator Questions: Line graph only allows candidates to input two sets of data  ·  Gathering Votes

  14. Full Student Report  ·  Declined

  15. Subject controls for authors  ·  Declined

  16. Correct and Incorrect Candidate Feedback  ·  Completed

  17. New Maths Equation Question Type  ·  Completed

  18. The ability for a Candidate to Review their test  ·  Completed

  19. Save responses every 30 seconds and on question navigation  ·  Declined

  20. Add the ‘Track Changes’ option as available in Microsoft Word under the ‘Review’ tab.  ·  Completed

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